~~ TOYS & Figurine: Puppy In My Pocket (Miniture Toy)~~

The final products are really tiny and they have a special coating that makes them feel all fuzzy. The goal of this project was to design a series of stylized puppy that have friendly and unique personalities. The client wanted something cute and fun. They wanted the buyers to be able to distinguish each breed from one another very easily. Therefore, even though they requested friendly stylized puppies, they still want to make sure that the features are realistic enough in order to differentiate the breeds. The colors are also based on real puppies, but we can be creative with their accessories and poses. (I think I am able to recognize what breed a dog is when I see them now XD.)

This is an ongoing project. So Far we have completed more than 200 puppies.
Below are some samples of the puppies:

***** They are sold at Target, Toys R Us, Khols, KB Toys, Costco, and
hundreds of other stores in the world depending on where you live.
Check here ---> Store Listing*****

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