~~ MISCELLANEOUS: Otakon (Convention)~~

Cover Illustration for Otakon Program Book 2008 (Theme: Time Travel)
We really liked the theme for this year, and I thought the sketches came out nice. We initially wanted to make it more like traveling to the past anime, so it'd evoke a lot of nostalgic memories for the convention fans. Unfortunately, we were told that they were afraid of copyright infringement problems, so we had to head towards a different direction. One of the sketch that was liked was then modified, and they wanted to make it as if Hiroko and Hiroshi crashed wanted to travel back to when Otakon was originally established, but ended up in some stone age era. There were a lot of revisions. (They wanted the pennsylvania railroad map to be obvious there, change of expressions, etc.) Too bad, we couldn't use charicatures of the past anime. It would have looked really cool. I was a little sad :(
*Note the 2nd sketch is Doraemon's Time machine XD. See if you can spot other Nostalgic characters in our thumbnails :)*

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