~~ GAMES: Avatar-The Last Air Bender [TRADING CARD] ~~

This was definitely one of the most difficult project that we had done. We worked on this before the animation started airing on TV, so we only had the pilot episode as a reference at first. Later on, we were provided with a few more episodes. We had to do a lot of research on Chinese Martial arts as well as filmed the main martial artist that came up with all the Avatar moves. We had to get to know and understand the series, the movements, and the differences between each of the nations in the story. Since it's such a big project, the art goes through many people for appovals from Nickelodeon as well as Upperdeck, so there are always a lot of fixes and re-illustrations.

We got a few friends to help out because the deadline was very tight. Special thanks to Ryan Odagawa for the most help on this project. He kicks ass at drawing Bumi, and wow...he's amazingly fast @_@. Also thank you to Long, Juno, Laine, Gwee, and Sunny for the helping hands. You guys rock!

There were a total of 280 cards. Here are some of them.

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