Ketchup is the social butterfly of the islet. She is very talkative,and loves to meet new visitors.

Mustard is introverted and reluctant to leave his hiding spot, but he can be lured out with pineapple crackers.

Competition is pretty stiff. The Narwhal with the longest horn gets the most females.

Argon navigates with the light at the top of his head. Don't be fooled by the teeth... he is a vegetarian!

Radish is extremely shy and prefers to hide underground, but will pop up and bounce around if spooked.

Uni is tiny but packs a punch. Watch your step on the islet or you might be in for a surprise.

Gallop is totally harmless and oh so cute, but look out for mommy! Her spikes are deadly poisonous.

Mimik is a master of disguise. He is lazy, so he prefers to catch a ride on other creatures.

The cliche prince that turned tadpole? Once a visitor to the Islet, Choux must have upset someone, but who?

Wiggle likes to dangle from a tree. He will eventually turn into one of the islet's deadliest predators.

Be extra cautious around Allegro. He has been known to curse a few wandering travelers.

Sonar only can be seen at night when he is hunting his arch-nemesis, Radish.

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