My name is Trot. Mom wants me to be a good dancer, so she named me after the famous Foxtrot. They said that I'm the witty one.

Did I tell you about my Tie collection? I have every color! *dances* My name is Pickle.

I'm Flan. I like plants and my friends say that I'm nice. Don't you think Mia is super pretty? *blushes*

My name is Smudge. They say I always look tired or beat up. I have a soft spot for Fluffs.

Waddle here. I'm p..p..permanently frost-bitten *sob* Bubblegum snowcones are yummy!

Rococo is going to be a famous designer label one day. I like to make cool clothes for my friends.

I'm Mia, the ninja. I know Wushu, Karate, and Taekwando. I will protect everyone!

Hi, I'm Caramel. I'm good at Origami. Fang is my brother.

I'm TumTum. I always have food with me, and I'm good at sharing...most of the time. I get nervous easily. *munch munch*

My name is Laine. It means wool in French. I'm quite shy, and I like to knit and sing.

I'm Coconut. Trouble always finds me. It's not fair. Oh, I'm really good at climbing!

The name is Fang...

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